Follow the rapid and steady evolution of smino
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    We continue to develop smino together with our customers, so we can meet your needs even better.

  • Checklists

    «Checklists» can be used to create both to-do lists and checklists.

  • Export to Sharepoint

    Connectivity to Sharepoint.

  • Scheduling

    All pending items can be displayed clearly arranged in a calendar with different representations.

  • Microsoft Teams Integration

    Connectivity to Microsoft Teams.

  • Forms

    Checkboxes, dropdowns, and text fields can be dynamically defined and filled in for issues, including mobile synchronization and change tracking.

  • Inside Reality 3d immersive BIM-Model

    Your BIM model uploaded to the smino platform in IFC format can soon be viewed directly in the Inside Reality web application.

  • Project export

    Export your entire project to archive it on your own disk.

  • Extension inspection module

    Numerous new functions have been added to the acceptance module, such as obtaining signatures conveniently via smino.

  • App integration from other applications

    smino supports the OAuth code flow. This is the first step so that smino can integrate apps or so that other apps can integrate smino.

  • Common Data Environment (CDE) extension

    Search and find your plans and documents easily and quickly using the global search function and the revised file storage with extended rights management.

  • Connection MS- Office 365

    It is no longer necessary to download and re-upload documents when changes are made in them. MS Office documents can be edited directly and collaboratively in smino.

  • Multilingualism

    smino is now also available in English, French and Italian. At the same time, we can also serve and support you in the respective languages.

  • Project-Dashboard

    A cross-project dashboard now displays a graphical representation of all your tasks and your company’s tasks, as well as their status.

  • BIM annotations

    Preview images of model markers (BIM) can be annotated in the image editor.

  • Plan-based recording of tasks and defects

    The plan-based recording of tasks is another milestone in facilitating the work processes of our customers.

  • Journal Beta

    The Journal module is introduced and is now available for a limited time as a free beta version.

  • Mobile App

    After an intensive test phase, the mobile app is now available for download in the Apple and Android stores.

  • smino expands to Germany

    smino is already being used successfully in Germany.

  • smino is live and already in use with the first customers

    At Swissbau, smino will be presented to the public for the first time and has already been adapted by customers.

  • Beta test access

    The smino beta version is being thoroughly tested and further developed with selected customers.

  • Founding

    In October 2016, the company smino AG was founded by Sandor Balogh and Silvio Büsser. The stated goal was to network all those involved in construction, ensure the flow of information and avoid unnecessary administrative work.