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Identify and fix defects with accurate assignment of responsibility, and save time in the process. The task and defect management of smino enables simple documentation of the defects on your construction site.

Defects on the construction site can cause real problems. In some cases, they can even lead to potential dangers. To prevent this, it is particularly important to regularly inspect the construction site for defects and to document all relevant information in a secure and manageable way. A structured task and defect management system helps you with this.

With the management software from smino, you can create clear, digital documentation of your construction directly during the site inspection. The defects can be easily located in the construction plan and are recorded in the task list until they are remediated.

The responsible person can be identified immediately by precise assignment of responsibilities. Information on the location and scale of the defects can be exchanged in the task areas. This ensures smooth communication between the project participants.

Completed tasks are marked as such by the team. This allows you to track the status of a task at any time.

Poor construction can present many dangers. Therefore, an organised approach to work and defect management is essential. smino helps you to structure your tasks and keep a clear overview of them, allowing you to avoid defective construction.
All tasks at a glance
BCF import function
3D viewer
Online and offline

Maintain an overview of tasks from the BCF files

The BCF import function enables users to upload BCF files to smino and automatically send tasks to the individuals responsible. The system links the generated BIM tasks to the models. By clicking on the model section, you can open the model in the integrated 3D viewer.

Comparing models from various disciplines

Several models can be superimposed using the integrated viewer on smino. You can also compare two models, and the changes will be highlighted and can be filtered.

Retrieving details from the models at any time

During the session via the browser or with a tablet at the construction site, users can navigate effortlessly through the model, take measurements, create sectional planes and explode the model into individual building components. Click on the building components to display information about them.

Fabio Compagno, Project Manager and IT Officer, SAM Architects Ltd
«Thanks to smino, uploading plans and managing version control for plan statuses couldn’t be easier – very clever!»

Fabio Compagno, Project Manager and IT Officer, SAM Architects Ltd

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Storing models in a single central location

Technical models can be exchanged efficiently via smino. Upload your models to smino and determine who can view and download them. The files are automatically versioned. This simplifies the process involved in preparing for a coordination meeting and avoids the weekly flood of e-mails when compiling the models.

Global search function

Find your BIM tasks and models quickly and easily using the global search function. smino means you have all the information you need in one place, and no longer have to search for your data in different locations.