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Discover the latest advances in BIM technology on smino : our innovative model checking function in cooperation with Solibri ! Simply upload your IFC model and use our specialized quality and collision checks to make your construction projects more efficient and error-free.

Whether for architecture, structural engineering, or building services engineering, our solution allows you to start model checks with just a few clicks without having to leave smino. Thanks to the Solibri integration, we instantly recognize faulty elements, allowing you to navigate through a detailed list of errors and prioritize them.

This innovative connection allows you to seamlessly use Solibri 's advanced analysis and quality assurance tools within smino , significantly optimizing the workflow and improving project quality.

With this new feature, improve collaboration and increase build quality with smino and increase your team's productivity.

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Automated model checking
Automated quality assessment
General quality check
Collision check

Automated Model Checking

With this world’s first cloud connection of a Common Data Environment (CDE) solution to Solibri, BIM models can now be directly and automatically checked online. Our advanced system enables comprehensive quality checks as well as a variety of collision checks, which result in immediate improvements to your BIM projects. Benefit from the integration of an industry-recognized software for thorough inspection of BIM models.

General Quality Check

In this function, individual models are checked against formal requirements that must always be correct. For example, you can find out if there are duplicate elements present or if the dimensions of various components are appropriate.

Collision Check

By overlaying two models, models are checked for possible collisions. For instance, collisions between concrete walls and ventilation ducts can be identified.

Michael Fuhrer, Managing Director, Vasio AG
«As the head of a growing company, I depend on the best qualified staff. For me there’s no question that smino makes our work at Vasio even more attractive and helps us to find and keep good people.»

Michael Fuhrer, Managing Director, Vasio AG

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Direct Task Creation

The list of errors from the quality and collision checks can be validated and prioritized. Through the BCF import function, BCF files can also be uploaded to smino. Tasks can be created directly and the list of errors can be provided to the model creator. They can then directly correct the errors within the modeling program.

3D Viewer

With the integrated viewer on smino, multiple models can be overlaid. Effortlessly navigate through the model, take measurements, create cross-sections, and break the model down into individual components during the session through the browser or with the tablet on the construction site.