Contact management

Old contact details are a thing of the past – now, contact lists update themselves Learn more
Easily create and maintain contacts. With smino's contact management, your contact list and address data are always up to date. A wide range helpful features enable you to communicate smoothly.
Searching for an up-to-date phone number or the right address can often be time-consuming. This makes workflows less efficient and can reduce the motivation of the person tasked with this. This is annoying, especially when bills go to the wrong address. With reliable contact management you can avoid these challenges and make your communication quick and easy.

With smino, your contacts are automatically updated including the address and phone number. Each company or person manages their profile with contact details independently. Customising the contacts no longer falls to you.

Invite people who are not registered at smino to become contacts. All data, such as address and phone number, is easily stored in the contact list. This is the best way to support your CRM system with contact management.

Access contact data easily via the mobile app. If you want to use third-party software solutions, you can export the contacts quickly and easily at any time. You won't have any problems with outdated contacts thanks to the software's numerous features.

With smino's reliable contact management, your contacts are always up to date. Benefit from fast, effortless communication with reliable contact details today.
Contact lists updated automatically
All contacts available at anytime, anywhere
Find contacts quickly and easily
Export function for all contacts

Up-to-date contacts at all times

The classic approach to contact management is a thing of the past – now, your contact information is updated automatically. Companies and individuals manage their profiles themselves and can easily update their data. This self-management means your contact list is always up to date.

Manage project teams easily

Add new contacts quickly and easily to your project. Is a member of your project team not yet registered on smino? No problem, smino can be used even if one of the project team members isn’t registered.

All contact details accessible on the move

An up-to-date version of your contact list is accessible at all times in the mobile app. You’ll find all contact details directly on the smino mobile app without having to save your contacts on your phone. All you need to make a phone call is just one click.

Thomas Gafner, Managing Director, Gafner Baumanagement GmbH
«My productivity has clearly increased. Without smino I could probably only manage about half as many projects at a time.»

Thomas Gafner, Managing Director, Gafner Baumanagement GmbH

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Export with just one click

Generate a CSV export of your contacts with just one click. The contacts can be imported into a third-party software solution such as Outlook.

Global search function

Find your contacts quickly and easily using the global search function. smino means you have all the information you need in one place, and no longer have to search for your data in different locations.

Fabio Compagno, Project Manager and IT Officer, SAM Architects Ltd
«Thanks to smino, uploading plans and managing version control for plan statuses couldn’t be easier – very clever!»

Fabio Compagno, Project Manager and IT Officer, SAM Architects Ltd

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