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Easily maintain acceptance certificates according to the Construction Tendering and Contract Regulation (VOB) or the German Civil Code (BGB) with the software from smino. This software makes building acceptance rather simple.

With the acceptance protocol, the completion of the building is symbolised. As an important legal step, all responsibilities are transferred to the principal with the acceptance. Defects that are not recorded in the acceptance certificate cannot be easily made the responsibility of the building contractor again at a later date, meaning that the client cannot demand that the damage be repaired in the event of faulty acceptance.

This makes it clear how important it is to have a complete acceptance. By signing, the client and contractor both express agreement with the acceptance, which is binding. smino helps you to carry out a proper acceptance and to create a complete acceptance certificate.

Record the defects early on during the site inspection by client and contractor. New defects can be easily stored in the construction acceptance task lists and referred to the responsible person. This allows you to save as much time as possible during the formal acceptance process.

Photos in the acceptance certificate make the information traceable. In this way, the information can be traced even without you being present at the acceptance.

Edit the acceptance certificate directly on a smartphone or tablet. After completion of the acceptance, all parties involved can add their signatures digitally. In the defect overview, all defects can be viewed along with their status. This way, you don't lose track of completed and pending tasks.

A complete acceptance certificate according to VOB or BGB is an important legal document that must be properly maintained. Play it safe with the software solution from smino. With this, nothing can go wrong with your formal acceptance.
All defects at a glance
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Electronic signature
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Record any defects quickly and easily

Start a new inspection on a smartphone or tablet and record any defects on the plan or add existing defects from your to-do list. As usual, photos can be added and assigned to the individuals responsible.

Digital signature on the spot

Once the inspection is complete, all participants can sign directly on the smartphone or tablet.

Maintain an overview of all inspections at all times

All inspections that have been created are synchronised automatically and can be opened online. The overview page includes all defects with their current status, each of which can be opened.

Norbert Kremmel, Member of the Board of Directors, AK Bautreuhand AG
«Finally a manufacturer that understands my day-to-day challenges.»

Norbert Kremmel, Member of the Board of Directors, AK Bautreuhand AG

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Export the inspection report

Create an export of the inspection as per the defined standard (e.g. SIA 118) with a click of the mouse. You decide whether to also export photos, attachments, plan markers, descriptions of defects and location fields.

Global search function

Find your inspections and defects quickly and easily using the global search function. smino means you have all the information you need in one place, and no longer have to search for your data in different locations.

Fabio Compagno, Project Manager and IT Officer, SAM Architects Ltd
«Thanks to smino, uploading plans and managing version control for plan statuses couldn’t be easier – very clever!»

Fabio Compagno, Project Manager and IT Officer, SAM Architects Ltd

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