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Keep track of your construction project. With the construction journal from smino you can easily collect and organise all data for the construction.

Defects often arise during construction, which can be minor or major problems. It is important to find out the cause of the defects and to eliminate them. A construction journal helps you to track your work step by step and easily determine the cause. The work processes are documented in the construction journal on a daily basis. In this way, the journal assumes not only an informative function but also a monitoring function, which is of enormous importance for the construction management.

You can enter information in your construction journal as you visit the construction site. This all but eliminates the need for post-processing. You can document any issues that stand out and add a picture so that the site manager and other participants are informed of any issues.

With the construction journal, you always have an overview of construction work, construction techniques, expenditure, construction materials and topics that still need to be worked on. Always direct your focus towards the relevant tasks. The construction management can therefore carry out important target checks at any time.

Automatic integration of current weather data allows you to optimally schedule construction. Climatic disruptions in the schedule can be avoided as far as possible.
The complete and legally secure storage of your data saves you tons of time, allowing you to focus on important tasks.

A proper construction journal can significantly simplify your daily work and is therefore not to be overlooked. smino helps you create this with a comprehensive software solution. This way you can access relevant information from your project at any time.
Automatic weather data
Visual documentation
Can be managed by several individuals
Mobile entry

Construction documentation 2.0

Use the smino journal as your construction journal. In addition to significantly reducing the amount of time required, the process will also provide you with complete and legally compliant documentation. smino makes child’s play out of this tedious routine work – which can of course even be done on the spot using a smartphone.

Automatic weather data

Daily weather data are determined according to your location and automatically integrated into your journal. Export all entries and the associated weather data for your selected time frame with just one click.

Norbert Kremmel, Member of the Board of Directors, AK Bautreuhand AG
«Finally a manufacturer that understands my day-to-day challenges.»

Norbert Kremmel, Member of the Board of Directors, AK Bautreuhand AG

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Visual documentation

Taking photos using your camera and then uploading them to a folder is far too time-consuming. Save your visual documentation directly in smino and decide who has access to it.

Assign read and write permissions as required

You decide who is allowed to write in the journal, and who is only allowed to read it.

Global search function

Find all your content from the journals using the global search function. You have all the information you need in one place, and no longer have to search for your data in different programmes.

Karin Suter, Customer Advisor, p-4 AG
«We work with smino a lot. For internal project development, smino is a great time-saving management tool. It also allows us to offer our real estate buyers a modern and up-to-date digital platform that makes it so much easier to exchange data, information, etc.»

Karin Suter, Customer Advisor, p-4 AG