Common Data Environment

Storing, editing and comparing plans, models and documents in a central location Learn more
Master the challenges of project work easily with the common data environment from smino. The software offers comprehensive solutions for the smooth running of your project.

Realising a construction project involves a great deal of control and coordination, not to mention the large amount of data generated by contacting the project participants. Therefore, suitable software is required to manage the construction without any disruptions. The common data environment takes over this task and supports you by saving your data centrally, acting as a reliable source of information.

The smino project room enables the collection of all information and data about your project directly in one room. The documents are stored securely and in compliance with data protection laws, and can be accessed at any time, from any mobile device. This ensures trouble-free data exchange.
You can individually structure and share plans and documents in your room and customise them to the project at hand. This makes working together on the project easier than ever before.

Use the project room to keep in constant contact with your project participants. This way, everyone involved is always informed about all processes and communication can take place smoothly.

The smino project room supports you holistically in your construction projects. The intuitive handling keeps your time expenditure as low as possible, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your project. With smino, you always have a clear overview of your project.
One common data environment, more than 40 plotting service providers
Mobile data environment
Edit documents in real time
Compare plans and models

Store and compare plans and documents in a central location

Share your plans and documents in all formats with your project team. Create your own folder structures, and set the read/write permissions as appropriate. Upload new plans and documents quickly and easily using drag and drop.

Edit files directly on smino

Files can be edited in real time on smino. Your project team can track your changes in real time and communicate with you. All common formats of documents, tables and presentations are supported.

Comparing various versions of plans and models

Whether PDF plans, 2D or 3D models, all changes are identified and highlighted. Changes to PDF plans and 2D models can be displayed by moving the vertical bar. Filters can be set for 3D models, and users can search for removed or newly added building components, for example. Two different versions of a model can also be displayed side by side.

Karin Suter, Customer Advisor, p-4 AG
«We work with smino a lot. For internal project development, smino is a great time-saving management tool. It also allows us to offer our real estate buyers a modern and up-to-date digital platform that makes it so much easier to exchange data, information, etc.»

Karin Suter, Customer Advisor, p-4 AG

Mobile project space

You can access your project space using any device. Plans and documents can be made available offline, so you can access your documents even when reception is poor.

One project space for all plotting service providers

Gone are the days when you had to use a different project space for each project. Place print orders directly via smino, and select the plotting service provider you want. If a provider isn’t integrated yet, we’ll sort out the connection as soon as possible.

Automatic version control management and notifications

Using the file name, the system immediately determines whether the upload is a new or existing file. For existing files, a change note stating the reason for the update, for example, can be added to the new index. Older indexes for plans and documents can be downloaded at any time if needed. When a file is uploaded, all project team members that have read access to the file are automatically notified.

Global search function

Find your plans and documents quickly and easily using the global search function. smino means you have all the information you need in one place, and don’t have to search for your data in different locations.

Philip Grunewald, Managing Director, Projekt Boutique AG
«The support is fantastic. The response times are really fast, and suggestions for enhancement are always taken on board.»

Philip Grunewald, Managing Director, Projekt Boutique AG