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The Kunsthaus Zürich extension project was already in full swing when b+p baurealisation ag, as the construction managers, decided to use smino. The huge construction site in the middle of Zurich is the local showcase project par excellence. The light-flooded architecture designed by David Chipperfield with a purist, elegant form of exceptional charisma and appeal will result in a contemporary museum for the 21st century. But before the artworks make their grand entrance, contractors and specialists are all busy getting their work done.

“The chance to be involved in a project of such importance doesn’t come along very often in life,” says David Michel, Project Manager. He adds, however, that this fantastic opportunity also comes with a burden: “We work with between 130 and 150 different contractors. Coordinating them all is an extremely complex task.” The size of the project and the administrative work involved are a daily challenge for Michel’s whole team. “Thanks to the app, which I can take with me to the construction site, I can save a great deal of time,” says Project Assistant Luisa Aeberhard. Michel adds: “This time saving at work is highly rewarding. Achieving the same result with less effort is a real pleasure.”

«The all-in-one solution and the opportunity to see your input implemented makes smino unique.»

David Michel

Saving time is so rewarding

Implementing a new system in an ongoing project always involves risks, however, project manager David Michel points out. “That’s why we started small and used smino where we saw the greatest added value in the beginning: in recording the minutes of meetings.” In the past, minutes were written in Word, and an Excel list of pending items was kept in parallel. “It was quite a realisation when the to-do list was automatically generated with smino,” David Michel grins. More of the same was to follow, especially with the mobile app: “With smino, we can do so many more things using a tablet on site and don’t have to take the work back to the construction container and do it almost all over again,” enthuses Aeberhard. smino is not being used as a planning platform in this project, however – migrating it would not have been worthwhile. “We now just have the most important plans on smino, which we need to mark tasks and defects, or for entries in the minutes,” Michel explains. “That in itself is already a big relief.”