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Intelligent plan management

Fabio Compagno, Project Manager and IT Officer at SAM Architects in Zurich, takes us around the modern, open-plan office of the renowned architecture firm. The remnants of the recent Christmas party are still clearly visible: construction plans hang decoratively from the ceiling above the long dining table. A great idea in itself, but one that’s unlikely to be repeated in the future. “Our goal at SAM is to be as paperless as possible,” affirms Compagno. “We want to use the possibilities of digitalisation and optimise both our processes and our cooperation in the project teams, which will allow us to work better and faster.” SAM has chosen smino with this in mind.

Compagno is particularly enthusiastic about the plan management: “With other systems, a lot of information often needs to be filled in before the plan can even be uploaded. I find that extremely tedious and time-consuming. Thanks to smino, uploading plans and managing version control for plan statuses couldn’t be easier – very clever!” Compagno also appreciates the automatic notification of all users whenever new files are uploaded: “This makes sure everyone is always up to date.”

Plans now submitted digitally

The client is also happy with this state-of-the art strategy in the current project, an administration building with high security requirements in Aarau: “Plan submission is now exclusively digital on smino – there’s no more distribution on paper,” Compagno explains. “The client and all other project partners are of course free to have plans printed by our printing partner if required. Even this can be arranged directly from smino.”

«I’d recommend smino without hesitation – it’s simply a great tool!»

Practical minutes function

Compagno also finds the minutes function extremely practical, as it allows him to record and distribute meeting decisions and relevant information in a highly efficient manner. “smino was even able to adopt our own internal layout, so that the minutes exports now look exactly the same as they did before,” enthuses Compagno.

smino crucial to paperless strategy

smino has become well established at SAM: “In new projects, we always propose smino to the clients and the planning team,” says Compagno. “We’re already using smino in a wide range of projects – a crucial step in our paperless strategy!”