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per cent less work in defect management
per cent time saved in minute taking

Optimised inspection process

IBG Engineering AG, one of the leading consulting companies for electrical engineering and electrical planning in German-speaking Switzerland in the fields of energy technology, electrical planning, building and process automation, IT/communication and inspection, has been using smino throughout the company since 2020. Following an extensive test phase in 2019, IBG decided to make the platform available to all of its 300 employees in its seven branches in German-speaking Switzerland. smino clearly convinced the company with its focus on the three essential criteria of user-friendliness, offline capability and free participation for contractors.

One of the main figures in the smino practical test was Boris Rohr, General Manager Building Automation at IBG. “A classic example of application in our work is inspections, which we carry out on site. Defects are recorded as tasks in lists. Before smino, I transferred the information collected manually on the ground into Excel spreadsheets in the office and sent the files by e-mail to those responsible. But by the time I sent it, the content was usually already out of date,” explains Rohr.

“Using smino cuts the work involved in defect management by 30% compared to Excel.”

Boris Rohr

Seamless process thanks to cloud-based solution

Dragce Petrovic, IT Specialist at IBG, was jointly responsible for the evaluation at the strategic level. He was also the first person at IBG to come into contact with the platform in a project where smino was already being used, and immediately saw the potential for his company. Petrovic agrees with Rohr: “Previously, keeping information up to date and adequately integrating and providing access to feedback from the project partners was very time-consuming and suboptimal.” Both also agree that, as a cloud-based solution where all project partners can be integrated, smino makes work easier and ensures a seamless process. “I no longer have to check different file statuses or reconcile tasks myself.
smino basically does this for me. In addition, all of the information is up to date at all times,” says Rohr. “This is taking defect management to the next level!”

Intuitive handling

The full effect of smino is achieved when those involved in the project are all on board. But they can only be won over to a common platform if they find it quick and easy to navigate. “And with smino, this is definitely the case,” Rohr knows from experience. “smino is very user-friendly and intuitive to operate, and can be used by everyone without too much training.”

“We save around four hours per person per week overall.”

Dragce Petrovic

Company-wide introduction

The test group at IBG, consisting of eight employees from different areas, met at various points over a six-month period to talk about their experiences and the pros and cons of smino. “smino was clearly our first choice,” reports Petrovic, “especially when it came to our killer criteria.” The next logical step was company-wide introduction. “Whenever I’m asked which platform IBG uses, I’m always happy to recommend smino. It’s one of the best software solutions on the market!”