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Successful coordination of BIM projects

Specialist planner meeting at Leuenberger Architekten AG in Sursee. As always, meeting organiser Christian Peterhans is perfectly prepared: he connects his laptop to the projector and opens the prepared minutes on smino. “I always write minutes in advance wherever possible to ensure a clear thread through the meeting,” Peterhans explains. Also in advance, he opens the neatly prepared coordination model in Solibri with all the specialist models from the various planners.

During the coordination meeting, the agenda items and clashes, i.e. overlaps or collisions between individual sectoral plans that need to be rescheduled in the overall project, are discussed in two presentations. The one is then distributed as a BCF file to the specialist planners involved via smino. For the second, Peterhans uses the BCF interface integrated into smino and generates further tasks for overarching topics directly from the coordination model. Additions and adjustments are directly made to the minutes. Thanks to the projection on the large screen, all expert planners present are easily able to follow Peterhans, who publishes the minutes directly in smino at the end of the meeting. The respective tasks appear instantaneously in the participants’ personal to-do lists.

Complete construction projects: many tasks and needs in individual sub-phases

“At the moment, communication is still taking place too often via the classic e-mail route,” says Peterhans. “As time goes on, however, my project partners are seeing the advantages and are gradually shifting their processes to smino. This makes the whole thing even more seamless,” says Peterhans, member of the management team at Leuenberger Architekten AG. “As we specialise in construction in addition to architecture and planning, we accompany construction projects all the way from start to finish. In the often very complex process, we have to master a wide range of tasks in each individual sub-phase and respond to the numerous different needs of all parties involved,” says Peterhans about the special challenges facing a large general service provider in the real estate sector.

“For me, smino is the perfect bridge-builder between clients, planners, construction management and contractors.”

smino – the best product on the market

The decision to choose smino was based on a careful evaluation. “We wanted a collaborative solution with simple, intuitive handling and a wide range of functions that would automate as many of our manual and therefore error-prone activities as possible,” says Peterhans, outlining the extensive requirements. smino convinced us with its holistic approach and the versatile options for combining both the technical aspects of BIM planning and administration with all those involved in one tool. “We studied smino intensively in a test environment and quickly moved on to a real project after the initial positive results,” explains Peterhans. “That’s when you see the brutal truth about whether the tool actually works.” smino passed the reality test – and was immediately implemented at Leuenberger Architekten AG. “With its holistic approach, smino meets all our requirements and is simply the best product on the market at the moment!” adds Peterhans. “It has a fair licensing model and an exceptional support service that provides us with competent help whenever we need it.”