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Construction management 2.0

Schäferhöhe in Zollikofen near Bern is a major construction site. Here, more than 100 modern and attractive rental apartments are being built using a mixed construction technique combining prefabricated wooden elements and traditional shell construction. The two construction methods run in parallel, which makes the already complex project even more of a challenge. Marti Gesamtleistungen AG has overall responsibility for the project: as total contractor, the company developed the housing estate, is itself the building client and is currently realising the project together with Marti’s sister companies.

Construction Project Manager Enis Lufi, who is responsible for construction progress at Schäferhöhe together with Sandro Andres, is not at all overwhelmed by the complexity or the sheer size of the site. The likeable Bern native always appears relaxed and gives clear, straightforward instructions to the contractors. Watching him work, it’s easy to see that Lufi knows exactly what he’s doing.

“smino allows me to save up to two hours a day in the office.”

Pocket-sized construction site

smino helps Lufi to make his processes more efficient. “Thanks to smino, I save five to ten hours of tedious administrative work every week,” Lufi calculates, and illustrates this with the journal function: “In the past, I first had to take photos on my mobile phone, then connect the device to the computer, download the pictures, add them to the relevant document, save it again, etc. Time-consuming and tedious! The journal function allows me to document the construction progress directly in smino.” Lufi has also streamlined various other, similarly laborious processes thanks to smino. “smino is the perfect tool, and it’s always with me on my smartphone,” says Lufi. “This way I can access all relevant and up-to-date information whenever I need to.”

Marti Gesamtleistungen AG: using smino since spring 2019

Marti Gesamtleistungen AG is keen to involve its employees in its systematic digitalisation strategy. Innovative thinkers are encouraged to get involved, formulate their needs and submit proposals themselves. A perfect approach for Enis Lufi: When he heard about smino through an architect friend, he immediately recognised the tool’s potential. He lobbied for smino to be included in the internal evaluation process and to test the application in practice himself.

smino passed the tough test in a real test run at Schäferhöhe in spring 2019. Marti Gesamtleistungen AG has since been continuously introducing new employees to the software and implementing smino in almost all of its projects. “We just briefly introduce smino to our new colleagues, and then they all manage very quickly on their own. No training needed,” says Lufi. The intuitive operation was another important reason for choosing smino, he says.

“If smino carries on like this, they’ll be market leaders.”

smino is familiar with the needs of the construction world

Another argument is the close and uncomplicated contact with the manufacturer. “I really appreciate the easy availability. I always get an answer to my questions straight away,” Lufi says. “smino is being developed by innovative personalities from the construction world who know our needs. It’s clear they understand us and take us seriously. Concerns and suggestions for development are always taken on board quickly.” When asked if he would recommend smino to others, Lufi grins: “Of course! I already do, whenever I can.”