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The pioneer from Lucerne

Norbert Kremmel is a man on his toes. Time and patience are valuable commodities for the 62-year-old construction and real estate economist. Successfully supervising various projects at the same time, and managing them as the client’s representative? No problem for the founder and member of the Board of Directors of AK Bautreuhand AG and passionate cyclist. And this is also thanks to smino.

Norbert Kremmel and his AK Bautreuhand AG manage construction projects based on their decades of experience, clear decisions and a large dose of passion. The optimisation of processes, efficiency and transparency at all levels are essential when it comes to matching the pace of the property trustee from Lucerne. “I spent a long time looking for a tool that meets my needs. There were some programmes available, but most of them were far too inconvenient to use. Sometimes I even thought of developing something myself,” recalls Kremmel.

«Finally a manufacturer that understands my day-to-day challenges.»

An end to the long search

When he heard about the smino concept at the Swissbau construction trade fair in Basel in 2018, he was immediately enthusiastic: “Finally a manufacturer that understands my day-to-day challenges,” recalls Kremmel, explaining: “I don’t want to receive multiple minutes from all over the place, search for plans on a different platform every time, track and check tasks in countless Excel lists or even lose important information in my e-mail inbox. I need everything perfectly structured in a central place for each project, where everyone involved can still access it years after the project has been completed. This is hugely important. And it’s exactly what smino offers.”

«smino has become a crucial success factor in my profession.»

First-class collaboration with the smino team

After the trade fair, the innovative and dynamic Norbert Kremmel was one of the first customers to start using smino. “Of course, there were still a few teething troubles at the beginning, which were sometimes a little stressful,” Kremmel laughs today, although immediately adding: But the smino team was absolutely brilliant, and always worked hard to respond effectively to our input, taking it on board and fixing problems as quickly as possible.”

Dramatic increase in efficiency

Today, he can’t imagine surviving without smino in his everyday work. “The platform is an absolute prerequisite for my projects. I ask all partners to communicate and exchange data exclusively via smino. This not only increases efficiency and control for me, but also for everyone involved in the project. And especially for the client,” enthuses Kremmel. “I’m convinced that, for general and total contractors, architects and specialist planners in particular, the increase in efficiency through the overall use of smino as a team is dramatic.”