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The paperless construction site

Vasio is a young and innovative construction management office in Dübendorf. The four-year-old company is growing strongly and making a name for itself in the construction scene around Zurich. Managing Director Michael Fuhrer recalls the time before smino: “I constantly had my hands full on the construction site – plans that filled a whole table, notebook, writing materials … When my mobile rang on top of everything, I could just about manage to take the call. Sometimes I wished I had four hands!” He continues: “Back at the office, the complications continued with countless Excel lists and a flood of e-mails.” 

Aiming to simplify these work processes, the company’s young management set itself the goal of finding a digital solution for paperless processes from start to finish. Vasio soon came across smino in its search for a tool that would enable all information to be accessed at any time. “We tested smino intensively for a month and were convinced right from the beginning. We were completely bowled over by the seamless integration of the mobile app – now I finally have everything I need in one place, in a compact and digital form,” says Fuhrer. “I don’t need four hands any more, and actually I even have one free!”

“I finally have everything I need in one place, in a compact and digital form.”

Michael Fuhrer

Time to focus on the essentials

The staff at Vasio also soon got to know the new working tool. “The design of smino is really intuitive. No training was needed, and we could just get going,” says Fuhrer enthusiastically. “And if questions do come up, the smino support chat is always a great help with a really quick response.”
Construction Manager Andreas Markstaller is really taken by the new solution: “I really enjoy working with smino. It helps me to save so much time in my stressful day-to-day work as a construction manager.” The whole company is particularly enthusiastic about the meeting minutes function: The automatically generated to-do lists and decision lists enable everything to be found easily in one place. smino makes it much more efficient to prepare for and follow up on meetings.
“My staff should be able to enjoy their work and focus on the essentials,” says Fuhrer. “As the head of a growing company, I depend on the best qualified staff. For me there’s no question that smino makes our work at Vasio even more attractive and helps us to find and keep good people.”

“smino helps us to present a more professional image towards customers.”

Michael Fuhrer

Personal contact with a start-up

Did Vasio have any doubts about working with a start-up like smino? “No, not at all,” emphasises Fuhrer. “Contact with a start-up is so much more personal. Even as a small company, we can influence the product and contribute ideas. We really appreciate this.”

Switching to smino has not only paid off in financial terms thanks to increased efficiency – it also presents a more professional image towards our customers. “They automatically see me as more competent when I turn up at the construction site with my tablet,” Fuhrer smiles. “And the fact I now have a hand free for a handshake doesn’t hurt either!”