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In addition to executing the construction, the general contractor also performs the planning services. This means that the total contractor is solely responsible for the planning and execution of the construction, and is not to be mistaken with the general contractor responsible for the execution. smino allows this responsibility to be met easily. The comprehensive software solution helps with the planning, execution and control of the construction and enables a frictionless process.

With the general contractor agreement, the general contractor takes over the role of contractor from the principal. In the general contractor agreement, on the other hand, the general contractor is the contractor. The contract stipulates that all the work necessary for the completion and commissioning of the building will be carried out by the general contractor.

With this general responsibility described in the contract, an abundance of tasks falls to the total contractor. The software solution from smino supports you in all these tasks and provides the necessary overview throughout the entire process.

Use the simple BIM solution to create and compare various models. This makes planning your construction project as easy as possible.

With task and defect management, you won't miss a beat. All tasks can be directly assigned to the responsible persons and their status can be changed. Benefit from maximum efficiency with the communication tool from smino. Complicated contact management and numerous different communication channels become redundant.

With smino, you receive optimal support in all of your tasks as a generalcontractor. As a result, nothing stands in the way of the finished building and all tasks can be completed in accordance with the client's ideas.
Whether you are a general contractor, a total contractor or a general transferee, smino helps you with all tasks regarding construction.
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With the scheduling function, you can map construction projects from A to Z in smino.

This will increase your productivity and efficiency in the long term. The collaborative tool allows you to easily create schedules in order to monitor progress on your projects.

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Task and defect management

Maintain an overview of tasks and defects at all times

Forget all those Excel lists that never reflect the current status. With smino, you can record tasks and defects quickly and easily, even offline with the mobile app. Assign them (including photos, documents and a plan marker) to a specific individual, and have conversations about the task.

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Meeting minutes

You write the text, smino takes care of the rest

Save yourself the time preparing and processing countless meeting minutes. To-do lists and decision lists are generated and updated automatically. Tasks and minutes are sent immediately to the relevant individuals.

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Common Data Environment

Storing, editing and comparing plans, models and documents in a central location

Share models, plans and documents easily with your project team. Documents can be edited in real time and tracked by your project team members. Compare various versions of PDF plans, 2D and 3D models. smino also enables you to send your print jobs to the printers.

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Dragce Petrovic, Applications Manager, IBG Engineering AG
«Whenever I’m asked which platform IBG uses, I’m always happy to recommend smino. It’s one of the best software solutions on the market!»

Dragce Petrovic, Applications Manager, IBG Engineering AG

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Global search

Find the information you need in seconds

Find tasks, minutes, documents and more easily and quickly using the global search function. smino means you have all the information you need in one place, and no longer have to search for your data in different locations.


Build anytime and from anywhere – regardless of the device

Regardless of whether you use your smartphone, tablet or internet browser, you can start working right away and use all the smino functions on the go.
No internet access right now? The offline function allows you to enter content that will then be synchronised automatically as soon as you have access again.

Inspection report

The perfect tool for inspections

Simply record any defects, sign electronically on your smartphone or tablet, and the inspection report will then be generated automatically.

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Contact management

Old contact details are a thing of the past – now, contact lists update themselves

Use smino for a collaborative approach to your work with your project team. Companies and employees manage their profiles themselves. This self-management means that contact lists are updated automatically in the event of any changes.

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smino replaces your e-mail inbox and takes message management to a new level

Messages are archived in a structured and clear way that makes them easy to find and retrieve. This provides you with complete and chronological documentation of a conversation history so that information can be found quickly. No more time-consuming searching for information and e-mails.

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All key developments at a glance

Record the day’s events, highlight important occurrences and create visual documentation. Daily weather data are determined according to your location and automatically integrated into your journal.

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Fabio Compagno, Project Manager and IT Officer, SAM Architects Ltd
«Thanks to smino, uploading plans and managing version control for plan statuses couldn’t be easier – very clever!»

Fabio Compagno, Project Manager and IT Officer, SAM Architects Ltd

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