About us

Our Mission

We accompany people in the construction industry into the future and lead them to success. We achieve this by putting them at the centre and jointly developing an intuitive and easy-to-use project management and collaboration platform that makes building a pleasure.

Where we want to go

Already more than 4,000 projects in different countries are successfully managed and completed via smino. We support our customers not only digitally, but also with our valuable know-how of the construction industry, digitalization and process optimization, if required. We stand holistically for “building innovation” and want to lead the construction industry worldwide into the future with our vision.

Join the team and help us revolutionize the construction industry!

How it all began

smino was founded in 2016 by Sandor Balogh and Silvio Beer with the goal of providing the construction industry with a digital tool for mastering current and future challenges. Driven by their own painful experiences as architects and construction managers on the one hand and stunned regarding the completely inefficient processes on the other hand, the development of a holistic platform for collaboration, information management and the general increase in efficiency has been steadily pushed forward since then.

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We develop for you

We know a lot, but not everything. That’s why smino is developed together with our customers. This is how we ensure that the smino platform is even better adapted to your needs. Only with your help can we offer you the best software for successful construction projects.